What we are:

About us

We are group of Christian parents and children/young people's workers from various churches that have been burdened for many years to produce healthy, age-appropriate, Bible-based material for children that parents can trust.


As the world grows darker, God's word (and a proper human living according to His word) is being increasingly attacked by the media, politics, and popular culture. Thus, the need was clearly growing greater and greater to produce something healthy for our children to read, watch,and listen to. We are looking to the Lord and fellowship of the ministry to do that.

After waiting on the Lord for several years, much prayer, and a lot of fellowship, we began the Bible Tells Me So Corporation as a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization. It is our prayer that, like Daniel, our precious children would be able to "eat" healthy food as they grow up. For this, we are happily and thankfully under the ongoing oversight of a number of responsible and experienced ones from various churches. And we are also always grateful for and depending on your prayers.

What we are not:

We want to strongly emphasize that we are not attempting to present a pattern of the children's work or of children's material. While some material here may be helpful for use in small and large children's meetings, other material may not be (for instance, puppets and certain other multi-media material). The burden behind this website is not only to provide "meeting material." It is also to produce healthy and positive material for daily, personal, and family use and viewing outside of a meeting environment.


That being said, if you feel some material offered here may not be suitable or appropirate, we would appreciate hearing from you by sending us an email at mail@thebibletellsmeso.com.

Lastly, we would like to also emphasize that are not wanting to replace any local materials, burdens, leadings, or programs that are being used in children's meetings, or churches. While we have begun and are continuing in much fellowship from a number churches and experienced children's serving ones, we are not associated with or supported by any specific local church or work.