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Thank you for your willingness to participate in the producing of material for The Bible Tells Me So. The videos and material we are laboring with you to produce are a real encouragement and supply to many children and families all over the world.

The need at this time is for families with children from various countries outside the U.S. to participate by providing some audio and video from your country about what it is like there. These videos will be used for a segment in our Family Time series called, "What is it like there" where we show children what it's like in other parts of the world and introduce them to families there. The burden of this segment is to give children an enlarged view of the world and to encourage them with how many dear families they have in their "wonderful, world-wide, family!"

If you would like to help with these videos please take a moment to view one of the Family Time videos by clicking here to get to the Family Time page, and pay attention to the segment called "What is it like there."

Then, please check the list below to see if your country was already featured on an episode. If so, we apologize, but we would like to try to have as many different countries represented as possible, so we will be looking for countries that have not already participated.

If your country is not on the list below,  and you would like to help in this way, then please fill out the "Family Information" form below and we will be in contact with you shortly!

Countries that have already participated:

  1. Poland

  2. Holland

  3. Indonesia

  4. Switzerland

  5. Germany

  6. Spain

  7. Israel

  8. Russia

  9. Ghana

  10. Latvia

  11. Japan

  12. South Africa

  13. Italy

  14. Fiji

  15. Sweden

  16. Nigeria

  17. Taiwan

  18. Brazil

  19. Vanuatu

  20. New Zeland

  21. Romania

  22. Phillipines

  23. India

  24. Ukraine

  25. Czech

  26. England

  27. Norway

  28. Canada

  29. Australia

  30. Malta

  31. Myanmarr

  32. Korea

  33. Portugal

Family Information

Thanks for submitting!