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CD: 8 Great Men in Genesis, Vol. 1

CD: 8 Great Men in Genesis, Vol. 1

This CD has something for everyone! 20 songs full of Genesis Bible facts, God's attributes, encouragements for parents and children, plus lots of great music! 


1. Adam, Abel, Enoch and Noah

2. In the Garden God put Adam

3. Long Ago in the Beginning

4. And God Blessed them

5. God Created Adam So Perfectly

6. Tending, Keeping

7. I Love My Brother

8. Open Up to Your Parents

9. Then Began Men to Call

11. Enoch Spent Time with God

12. Without Faith it is Impossible

13. Enoch Walked, Enoch Walked

14. Who Did? (Enoch and Noah)

15. Make Thee an Ark

16. Noah Did, Yes, He Did

17. Safe Inside, Warm and Dry

18. Chapters 6 thru 9 of Genesis

19. Never Again! Never Again!

20. When Clouds are Filling Up the Skies

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