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Book 4 of 10 - Short Stories on Character

Book 4 of 10 - Short Stories on Character

Follow Jessica, Ezra, Sarah, and Jacob, four siblings growing up and going through all kinds of typical childhood challenges together. But with a little help from Mom and Dad these normal experiences become marvelous opportunities to develop a proper character. These stories are a compilation and futher development of the stories used for Story Time in the Family Time series of videos.


BOOK 4 includes:

   Pure - Getting Ice Cream

   Fair - It's My Turn!

   Calm - A Broken Piggy Bank


Each story includes:

  • An applicable Bible verse with big text that can be colored in.
  • A simple child-friendly definition of the story's character point.
  • A "Family Talk Time" page that includes a brief summary of the story, and a "Things to Consider..." section with questions meant to spark a healthy family conversation.
  • Full-page line-art illustrations that can be used as fun coloring pages.


This book can also be purchased as part of a boxed set of 10 books.


PLEASE NOTE: The Box for the boxed set of these books is not available for purchase by itself. The box only comes with the purchase of the complete 10-book set.

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