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CD: Selected Songs from Moses Vol. 1 & 2

CD: Selected Songs from Moses Vol. 1 & 2

"Best of" Moses Volumes 1 and 2! Songs chosen especially for young singers. This SUBSET album was created when one of the producers noticed that certain songs caused her 18-month-old grandkids to kick their feet in their carseats!! We selected these shorter songs from the TWO hours of Moses Volumes One and Two, and made the 30-minute "Moses for Young Singers" - selections for the pre-school set!


1. God is Watching Over You
2. Educated in Egyptian Ways
3. I'd Rather Be With the People of God
4. The Burning Bush
5. Our God Doesn't Give Up 
6. We Will Go
7. Follow, Follow, Following the Pillar 
8. Do All Things without Mumuring 
9. The People Now in the Wilderness 
10 Bread from Heaven 
11 Moses Climbed the Mountain High 
12 In the Ten Commandments God Gave Us 
13 We’re on the Way to God’s Good Land 
14 We Were Slaves, But Now We’re Free 
15 On Wings of Eagles I Carried You 
16 We Were Bound in Egypt 

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