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The Acts of the Apostles

The Acts of the Apostles

DOWNLOAD: The Acts of the Apostles - Tell them Christ Has Been Resurrected! 

This is NOT a physical CD. This is a large zip file of mp3s.

24 New Songs on the Book of Acts


1. Sent by the Father 
2. Lives Again 
3. You Shall be My Witnesses 
4. They Waited and they Prayed 
5. The Magnificent Works of God 
6. Now This is What was Spoken 
7. Peter Stood Up with Eleven 
8. Waley Kum 
9. And they Shared their Food 
10. Deacons! 
11. Repent Therefore and Turn 
12. Stephen 
13. Rejoice, Exult, Be Glad and Leap for Joy! 
14. A Eunuch Had a Bible 
15. Rise Up and Go 
16. Clean, Clean God Has Made Clean 
17. Cornelius 
18. Free at Last 
19. Rain from Heaven 
20. In the Inner Jail 
21. Speaking Medley 
22. The Men of Athens 
23. Blessed to Give 
24. Journeying

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