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CD: David

CD: David

This delightful one-hour length album is jam-packed with a compilation of 32 songs telling the stories of David's training as a shepherd, his singing and psalming, his faithful service as a soldier, and his kingship.


1. BSS Theme: DAVID 
2. Hannah No Children Had
3. I'll Send You to a Man
4. Honor, Honor, Honor, Honor
5. D – A – V – I – D 
6. We're the Sheep
7. Out on the Hills
8. Sing, Sing, Sing
9. I'm Spending Time Now
10. Oh, the Lord is My Shepherd
11. Can You Say, How Do You Do?
12. The Lord said unto Samuel
13. For the Lord Sees Not as Man Sees
14. You Come to Me with a Sword and a Spear
15. Round and Round the Mountain
16. When Saul Troubled David
17. While David and His Army were Running 
18. When David was Camped
19. I'd Like to Honor You
20. Three Mighty Men Armed with Bows
21. David had Rest from his Enemies
22. David, a Man after God
23. David went Forth and Brought Up the Ark
24. King David Said is Anyone Left
25. Let's Honor with Manners
26. God Is Forgiving
27. God's Intention is to Have a House
28. Patterns for the Porch 
29. Go Up and Raise Up
30. Solomon, My Son
31. Oh, the Lord is My Rock
32. I'm Spending Time Now (Reprised)

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