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Genesis - Simple Bible Songs

Genesis - Simple Bible Songs

This is not a physical CD. It is a large file zip file of mp3s for download.


We do not have a physical CD of this album available at this time. It is only available via streaming or by this digital download.


SIMPLE BIBLE SONGS: Genesis--Origin of the Called Race

  01 - By Faith Abraham Being Called

  02 - Choices Choices

  03 - Nothing's Too Hard for the Lord

  04 - God Will Provide

  05 - Isaac Inheriting the Promise

  06 - Jacob Was Chosen and Was Called By God

  07 - Jacob Lost His Confidence -- On God He Would Depend

  08 - Joseph Believed the Dreams That God Would Give Him

  09 - And We Know That All Things Work Together

  10 - We Are Today's Called Race

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