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CD: Go Jesus! Go!

CD: Go Jesus! Go!

Twenty-seven new songs from the Gospel of Mark. Over 50 minutes long, lyrics included in cd stuffer. Sing about the serving Savior! The songs cover things Jesus did, things Jesus said and places Jesus went as he shepherded and served people in the gospel of Mark.


1. Go Jesus! Go Jesus, Go!
2. He's the Serving Savior
3. To Judea John Came 
4. Jesus Came Proclaiming
5. Going Seeking Saving Sending
6. Jesus Passed by the Sea
8. And Rising Very Early
9. He Didn't Stay Home
10. Jesus is Here!
11. A House Overcrowded
12. If You Ever See a Needy One
13. We're Gonna Be God's Servin' Children
14. He said to the Man
15. Oh The Waves Were Crashing
16. Please Come
17. I Saw the Lord
18. Faith! Faith!
19. All Things are Possible
20. A Beggar Man
21. Casting Money Into the Box
22. Let the Young Children Come
23. I Can Come to Jesus
24. Allow the Young Children
25. He Came Serving
26. Hosanna in the Highest
27 Go, Now Go

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