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CD: God Made Me Wonderfully!

CD: God Made Me Wonderfully!

This album covering creation has twenty new songs with cheerful tunes and interactive lyrics on how wonderful God and His creation are!


1. Wonderf'lly! Wonderf'lly! 
2. The Lord God Almighty Has Purposed
3. God Commanded 
4. Heaven's For Earth
5. Stand Still And Consider
6. I'm Gonna Praise God!
7. My God He Really Cares
8. We're 93 Million Miles
9. Where Were You
10. Eye, Eye, Eye, Eye!
11. God Said Let The Earth
12. Look At All The Flowers
13. Corn, Maize ,Wheat
14. The Atmosphere
15. In The Beginning
16. Cows Have Calves
17. I Am So Glad
18. The Sun And Moon Didn't Just Happen
19. If You Were The One
20. I Am Awesomely Made

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