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CD: God's Design

CD: God's Design

NEW COVER ART! - This album on creation includes eighteen new songs with tunes that are cheerful, fun, and interactive! The content is FULL of the truths of the Bible! There are 8 scripture songs and 10 songs about God! Singing them will forever implant in the kids' being that God created everything for us!


1. Let's Open Up Our Eyes!
2. Before God Put the Leaves on the Trees
3. Who, Who, Who Was There? 
4. He has Made the Earth by His Power
5. All Things Came Into Being through Him
6. Not too fast, Not too Slow
7. Out of the Ground God Caused to Grow
8. How About the Mountains?
9. God is so Good to Me!
10. You Are Mindful of Man
11. The Wonderful Works of Your Hands
12. God's Design
13. I Love God! He Put the Fish in the Sea
14. God Put Them There
15. We All Have One Father
16. Isaiah Sixty-Four: Eight
17. God Made You; God Made Me!
18. May Jehovah Bless You!

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