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Kings and Chronicles - Simple Bible Songs

Kings and Chronicles - Simple Bible Songs

This is not a physical CD. It is a large file zip file of mp3s for download.


We do not have a physical CD of this album available at this time. It is only available via streaming or by this digital download.


SIMPLE BIBLE SONGS: Kings & Chronicles

  01 - F-a-i-t-h-f-u-l-n-e-s-s

  02 - As Instructed, Solomon Carried Out What Had Begun

  03 - One Husband, One Wife

  04 - Who Will You Listen To

  05 - But Unto the Place

  06 - When The Kings Become Degraded

  07 - Elijah & Elisha Were Both Faithful Prophets

  08 - Elisha - Living His Life on God's Behalf

  09 - Hezekiah Did What Was Good and Upright

  10 - Be Strong and Be Bold, Do Not Be Afraid

  11 - Jeremiah Spoke the Word of Jehovah

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