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CD: Matthew, Vol. 1

CD: Matthew, Vol. 1

Chapters 1-8. 55 minutes. Sing about the fortelling of Jesus' birth, His baptism, the nine blessings in the "Sermon on the Mount," and the Lord's prayer. Great character point songs on not being anxious, giving, and how to treat other people.  


1. Bible StorySongs Theme Song
2. The Generation of Jesus Christ
3. My God, He Really Came as Man
4. Jesus Christ is the King
5. God was There so Far Above 
6. God with Us, God with Us
7. For a Child is Born to Us
8. Emanuel means God with Us
9. Where is He?
10. But Thou, Bethlehem Ephrathah
11. Brave John the Baptist
11. You are My Son, the Beloved
12. B·I·B·L·E 
13. To Make Happy 
14. Bless’d the Poor in Spirit
15. Peacemakers, Peacemakers
16. You are the Salt of
17. You are the Light 
18. My Father Knows Before I Ask 
19. And When You Pray
20. I Mowed Some Grass
21. Store Up Treasures in Heaven
22. First Ask, Then Seek 
23. Look at the Birds of Heaven
24. His Kingdom People
25. If You Want a Great Big Smile
26. Mom Told Me to Clean My Room
27. A Centurion to Jesus Came
28. Asleep in the Boat
29. Christ Jesus, He's the King

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