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Moses V.1

Moses V.1

DOWNLOAD: Moses, V.1

This is NOT a physical CD. This is a large zip file of mp3s.


Moses Volume 1, The First 80 Years - His Birth to the Crossing of the Red Sea


1. BSS Theme Song
2. More and Mightier
3. Four Hundred Years
4. The Midwives Feared Jehovah
5. God is Watching Over You
6. Oh, Lord! Care for My Brother
7. We’ll Call Him Moses
8. You Must Ne’er Forget
9. Educated in Egyptian Ways
10. I'd Rather Be With the People of God
11. The Ballad of Moses in Midian
12. The Burning Bush
13. I AM That I AM 
14. The All-Sufficient God 
15. Our God Doesn't Give Up 
16. We Will Go
17. Time for Departure
18. Strike the Blood
19. It Was at Midnight
20. Let Us Sing unto the Lord
21. Finally! Finally!
22. Oh, We Will Feast
23. Theme Song - Moses Vol. 1

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