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CD: Vessels Unto Honor

CD: Vessels Unto Honor

Vessels Unto Honor has twenty new character-inspiring songs with cheerful tunes and interactive lyrics!


1. Vessel, I am a Vessel!
2. Everything We Do and Say
3. A Place for Everything
4. What Kind of a Sharer?
5. Oh Boys and Girls / Fight the Good Fight
6. The Seatbelt Song
7. No One Likes to be Left Out
8. There's a Reason for the Rule
9. Pursue, Pursue
10. Speak Truth, Speak Truth
11. A Child has Joy
12. I'll Guard my Tongue / Smile! Smile! Smile!
13. Giving Thanks, Always Giving Thanks
14. Just One of the Lepers
15. The Lord called unto Samuel
16. We Had Some Fun
17. Cast your Net on the Other Side
18. I Must Do This! I Must Do That!
19. When the Baby's Sleeping
20. As for Me and My House


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