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Exodus - Simple Bible Songs

Exodus - Simple Bible Songs

This is not a physical CD. It is a large file zip file of mp3s for download.


We do not have a physical CD of this album available at this time. It is only available via streaming or by this digital download.


SIMPLE BIBLE SONGS: Exodus - Israel's Wilderness Journey

  01 - Our God is One Who Makes Promises to Man

  02 - God Began to Deliver His People

  03 - Food and Water, Protection

  04 - It is God’s Desire to Make Himself Known

  05 - The Ten Commandments Show God’s Person

  06 - Do You Know What God’s Desire is?

  07 - The Five Major Offerings

  08 - God’s Good Land is a Very Good Land

  09 - Let Every Person Be Subject to the Authority

  10 - Make a Fiery Serpent and Set it On a Pole

  11 - If You Obey the Commandments of Jehovah Your God

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