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Moses V.2

Moses V.2

DOWNLOAD: Moses, Vol. 2

This is NOT a physical CD. This is a large zip file of mp3s.


Moses, Volume 2 — The Next 40 Years, Fed and Led in the Wilderness 
29 Songs


1. BSS Theme Song
2. The Israelites are Finally Free 
3. Follow, Follow, Following the Pillar 
4. Arise, Oh Jehovah 
5. Oh, The Wilderness was Scorching 
6. Now We’re Leaving Marah 
7. Following God’s Great Pillar of Cloud 
8. Do All Things without Mumuring 
9. South God Led His People 
10. The People Now in the Wilderness 
11. Manna, Manna is All Around 
12. Bread from Heaven 
13. Oh Moses, What Are You Doing? 
14. The Israelites Had Been Marching 
15. Moses Climbed the Mountain High 
16. I am the Lord God Who Brought You 
17. In the Ten Commandments God Gave Us 
18. OUCH! I’ve Been Bitten 
19. Oh Come and Bring Your Silver, Brass & Gold 
20. Underneath the Cherubs Wings 
21. Look there on the East Side 
22. The Red Sea Moses Parted 
23. We’re on the Way to God’s Good Land 
24. The Land We Saw Was Exceeding Good 
25. We Were Slaves, But Now We’re Free 
26. On Wings of Eagles I Carried You 
27. Now Moses Went Up Into Mt. Nebo 
28. We’ve Egypt Left 
29. We Were Bound in Egypt

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